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2016 The Real McCoy Cabernet Franc

The story behind "The Real McCoy": You have probably heard the phrase "the real McCoy", but did you know the origin? Elijah McCoy was an inventor and train engineer in the 1900s working mostly in Detroit, but born in Colchester (now known as Harrow). His invention for oiling steam-powered train engines was so good that train operators would ask for "the Real McCoy" to avoid being disappointed by knock-offs. We feel that our Cabernet Franc grown here, where Elijah was born, is worthy of the title The Real McCoy

Our Old World style wines are the best kept secret! Located in scenic Harrow, EPIC appellation (Essex Pelee Island Coast), we have up to a 4 week longer growing season than Niagara region; producing ripe, flavourful, well balanced wines.

Price: $15.18 Vintage: 2016 Alcohol: 13.7%

Sugar: Medium-bodied & fruity

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